Hajiji, 42, from Aleppo, Syria

I had to leave my entire family in Turkey and only I could flee on a small boat to Greece. These are my kids and my wife. As you can see I have five children of 17, 16, 12, 10 and 4 years. I miss them a lot! It is not really safe where they are now, but it's a bit better than in Syria. Back in Syria they went to school – they were really good students there. 

Aleppo, our hometown, was a really beautiful city. We lived there in peace. I worked on a construction site. But suddenly everything changed!

I am really grateful that Germany opened its doors for us and I hope my kids and family can come here as soon as possible. 


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Fida, 17, from Al-Hamah, Syria

I am married with my cousin since five months. We married in our village before we fled from Syria to Germany. Before the war we lived in a small, quiet an green village at a beautiful river. But now everything is destroyed. During the bayram holidays our whole family came together and celebrated together. I really miss this!

Mohammed, my husband was a bus driver and I went to school in the 10th grade. I hope that I can continue and finish school here in Germany. My husband hopes to find work as a driver. His favorite car is a BMW. 


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Wael, 15, from Aleppo, Syria

My parents sent my older brother and me away from Syria because of the war. My parents are still in Syria, but they are well. I am lucky that we can talk on the phone every now and then. I hope they can also come here soon! I often think of the beautiful times when our family was all together at home!

My dream is to become an engineer after school, but I can not go to school yet. I was in a private school in Syria where I enjoyed mathematics, history and painting.


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Hala, 10, from Damascus, Syria

I am in Germany for just one month with my family. I like it here – just everything! There is not much to do for me here in the camp. But I learned to ride a bicycle when I came here – that is great fun! And I have already found friends. In Syria I went to school in Damascus and my favourite subjects were Arabic and mathematics. Before we came to Stuttgart I could go to school in Heidelberg for a short time. 


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Manissa, 6, from Qamishli, Syria

In Syria I went to kindergarden, but I already learned to write single letters there. I also go to the kindergarden here in Birkach. There I have already made some German friends and therefore I can speak some German already.

Now I hope that I can go to school soon. But my parents have not yet found a place for me. I am really looking forward to that! I would like to learn to read and write. And when I’m grown up I would like to become a teacher.


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Vanessa, 11, from Qamishli, Syria

When I was in Syria I liked to play with my cousin. I miss her very much and hope we can play together again soon. I fled from Syria with my parents and my younger brother and sister. We took a little boat from Turkey to Greece. When we arrived in Greece this was one of my happiest moments!

I am from Qamishli and my city is very beautiful. There are many mountains nearby – but I’ve never been to one of them. In my hometown I went to school from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday we had off for the weekend. My favourite subject was English. I’m lucky that I can go to school here soon. Until then I like to handcraft with my younger sister and exercising rollerblades. That’s a lot of fun!

I get along well with children, therefore I would like to become a paediatrician when I’m grown up.


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Zahib, 18, from Herat, Afghanistan

I am waiting to get a chance to go to school here and learn German. I have to wait all day and can’t do much. Sometimes I go to a library and try to pick up some German on my own. But it is difficult and I can’t say much. I went to school for nine years but had to stop then because of the war. I fled from Afghanistan to Iran, then on to Turkey and Greece.

My parents are in another camp together with my two brothers so I don’t see them very often.

I love sports - especially boxing. I never did it, but I’d like to start here. I know that it hurts - still would like to try it.


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Mohammad, 8, from Daraa, Syria

I am lucky - I can already go to school here! Just 4 hours a day but I really like it! I could learn some German already! Every day I have homework to do and after homework I play football with my friends and the kids from the camp. I made a lot of friends in school already. They are all nice to me. And the teachers too. In Syria I could go to school for two years already. When I’m grown up I hope to become a doctor!

I’m here with my family, my brother, my sister, father and mother. We are here since 2 months. Germany is good because the people are nice here - especially my friends!

I don’t know any football clubs from Syria - only our national team. Hopefully they can play in an international tournament and win a title some day.


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