Hinene, 12, from Damascus, Syria

Before the war it was beautiful in Syria, very beautiful! We had everything, could play and learn. But now kids can not go to school, all the bombs! It is very dangerous I want to start all over here!

Most of my friends are still in Syria, but a few also fled. I am glad I can send emails to them so they know I am here and safe.

I am so sorry to hear that there is no food, sometimes not even water in Syria. And everything is very expensive now!

Fleeing from Syria was very dangerous and difficult to do. I’m here with my family. I have three sisters and one brother. We’re here since one and a half month.

I couldn’t see many other places, so I could only make friends here. My parents tried to find a school for me here, but couldn’t find a place yet. In Syria I went to 6th grade. My favourite subject in school was mathematics and Arabic language

Later I want to become a doctor. Most kids in Syria want to become a doctor!


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