Vanessa, 11, from Qamishli, Syria

When I was in Syria I liked to play with my cousin. I miss her very much and hope we can play together again soon. I fled from Syria with my parents and my younger brother and sister. We took a little boat from Turkey to Greece. When we arrived in Greece this was one of my happiest moments!

I am from Qamishli and my city is very beautiful. There are many mountains nearby – but I’ve never been to one of them. In my hometown I went to school from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday we had off for the weekend. My favourite subject was English. I’m lucky that I can go to school here soon. Until then I like to handcraft with my younger sister and exercising rollerblades. That’s a lot of fun!

I get along well with children, therefore I would like to become a paediatrician when I’m grown up.


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