Radio SER Barcelona reports about Refugee Kids of Stuttgart

When I received a message from a Spanish journalist from the radio station SER Barcelona that he wanted to come to Stuttgart to talk with me about my Refugee Kids of Stuttgart project, I could hardly believe it! Marçal Sarrats found my blog when he was researching about refugee kids in Europe.

Last Sunday he came to Stuttgart with his assistant especially for the interview. We met in front of the refugee camp in Birkach. I had not been interviewed before and it was a bit strange because normally I interview people. That way I could experience the other side, too – and It was a great experience! I will not forget it!

After he had interviewed me he spoke with our neighbor Madelaine Linden who informed him about the situation inside the camp and he had a chance to talk with refugees from the camp. At the end he recorded some sound-bites to spice up his report.

On Monday evening his story was already broadcasted on Spanish radio. He reported for more than 10 minutes about my project, which must have really impressed him! 

Listen to the original broadcast here:

Listen to the original broadcast here

Listen to the original broadcast here

Next to his radio broadcast he put the story on to the SER website, which also contains videos and photos.

I would like to say thanks to Marçal Sarrats and his assistant for coming to Stuttgart and reporting about the refugees and my project.