United in one team playing volleyball

That was really fun to play together with the kids from the camp!

Next to my refugee kids project, going to school every day and playing the violin, I really enjoy playing volleyball in the girls-team of the TSV Birkach in my free time (not much left ...). During one of my last visits in the camp, that actually was our volleyball training hall until the refugees arrived in Stuttgart, I felt that it would be great to bring some variety into the kids daily routine. How about playing volleyball with my team? I asked Georg, our trainer, if I could invite some of the kids to train and play with us. Georg was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and so I asked five of the kids over to our training on a Friday afternoon.

I set up the training and asked the girls from my team to take one refugee kid each. Together we introduced them to the basics of volleyball, did some exercises and played the ball across the net. Although we could not talk, playing together worked out perfectly! It was a lot of fun for everyone and for my team-mates it was a new experience, too. May be we can do it again?!

No matter what nationality, we were all united in one team.